How to Achieve 80W Output Power on the B6neo Charger Using PD Input

When it comes to efficiently charging your devices, the B6neo charger stands out with its capability to deliver a robust 80W of power. To unlock the full potential of this powerful charger, it’s crucial to use a Power Delivery (PD) adapter that not only matches its high standards but also compensates for energy loss during the power conversion process.

Understanding Power Loss in Charging

For optimal performance, the PD Type-C adapter should support either PD3.0 or PD3.1 standards, with an output power of 100-watt or more.

During the energy conversion process in charging, there is always some loss of power. It’s a natural phenomenon due to resistance and heating. Consequently, if we aim for an 80-watt output, the PD input needs to compensate for this loss. This is why a 100-watt PD input is the baseline for achieving the desired 80-watt output.

Using Lower Power PD Adaptors

Of course, it’s also possible to use PD adaptors with a lower power output, such as the common 65-watt and 45-watt or 30-watt adaptors. With a conversion efficiency of about 80%, a 65-watt PD input would result in an approximate charging power of 50 watts. This principle can be applied correspondingly to other adaptor power ratings.

Recommended PD Adaptors for B6neo Charger

To ensure that you achieve optimal performance with your B6neo charger, here are a few PD adaptors that come highly recommended:

  • 100-watt PD Adaptors: Ideal for reaching the maximum output, these adaptors cater to the energy needs of the B6Nneo charger with minimal power loss during charging.
  • 65-watt PD Adaptors: Suitable for less demanding situations, these adaptors can offer around 50 watts of output power, perfect for smaller batteries or when maximum speed is not essential.

When selecting a PD adaptor, always prioritize those that are compliant with PD 3.0 or PD 3.1 standards to ensure the highest efficiency and safety for your devices.

Selecting the Right USB Type-C Cable:

  • E-Marked Cables for 5A Current: To achieve delivered 100W output, it is also essential to use a USB Type-C cable that is E-Marked and capable of handling a 5A current. The E-Mark chip in these cables ensures that they can support high power levels safely and efficiently, making them a critical component in the charging setup.

In summary, achieving the maximum output with the B6neo charger requires not only a suitable PD adapter but also a high-quality USB Type-C cable with an E-Mark chip capable of handling 5A current. This combination ensures optimal performance, safety, and efficiency in your charging setup.

Happy charging!